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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Major Changes..........

This post is one I've been working on for awhile, but just now finally have gotten the time to sit down and think it all thru.

I am changing my NAME!  (no, not my real name, haha)  -  I'm changing my SOCIAL MEDIA NAME(s)

my BLOG name, - same content, but please follow me thru Bloglovin'
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my ETSY shop name, 

my FLICKR name, (Flickr URL will still contain thirtyone13, I can't get that changed but my user name will now be RobinPichelmayerArts) - same photostream

my PINTEREST name,

my FACEBOOK PAGE name and

my TWITTER name.


This is the 2nd time I've done this and it's alot of work.......The ETSY shop and the FLICKR accounts have to be recreated.  Not something I really want to do, but it's out of necessity.

My ETSY shop's name was "Thirtyone13" - which relates to the Proverbs Bible verse which talks about a virtuous woman and hard work and how she takes care of her family, etc.  I love it and verse 13 says,
"she seeks wool and flax and works diligently with her hands", which is what I consider myself doing when I stitch, or draw, or paint or even clean house. dilemma has been since the company named "Thirty One Gifts" can into existence, everyone asks me "do you sell those monogrammed bags"?  I don't mind really but it just old having to explain that "No, I'm not affiliate with them in any way".  Although they do have some REALLY CUTE STUFF!!!

So, I made the decision to change EVERYTHING.  Changing names wasn't really all that hard, but changing URL's.........HA!  2 sites I use (my main 2 -Etsy and Flickr) won't let you change the URL.  You have to CREATE a whole new YOU! I've requested to change my ETSY shop but my Flickr URL will just have to remain as is.  I tried changing it and creating a new Flickr page, but then you have to re-upload all of your photos and I have over 800 photos.  I don't think I can handle that right now, hahaha......

I debated on several different names:  all related to my interests of stitching, embroidery, painting, drawing, doodling, zentangling, upcycling, shabby chic, thrifting and I could not come up with a cute, catchy phrase.  I researched other artisans that I admire and I did find one common denominator:  THEY ALL USE THEIR OWN NAMES!  Talk about an "AH-HA moment", haha....
I guess I"m a little "slow" to catch on, but you know makes sense.
When someone sees your work or buys something you've made, they don't say, "Oh, I bought this from Thirtyone13.  Most will say I bought this from Robin Pichelmayer, you  know, she has an Etsy shop but I can't think of the name of it right now".  SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to simplify things, from now on,
I'm just plain ole' ME!  :-)

How's that for an epiphany!

I hope you'll follow me in all my social medians, and come join me on my new blog (again).
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